Artist Q&A -- Paper Queen
Published on Jan. 8, 2019, 3:16 p.m.

Kavin, for Goa Sunsplash: Paper Queen, what a pleasure to do this promo interview for Goa Sunsplash! Tell us about yourself… where did you grow up, how did you get into reggae/bass music, and what led you to become a DJ?

PQ: So I was born in Saharanpur, and grew up in Dehradun. It was in college there that friends noticed that I had a knack of playing music. They said I should become a DJ, that seed they planted finally became a reality when I moved to Mumbai. I took a DJ course and then started going to Hip Hop and Bass Music events across the city. There I was introduced to genres like Drum & Bass, Underground Hip Hop, Reggae, Jazz & Funk.


K: Well you were at Goa Sunsplash last year and you’re back again for 2019. What’s going to be different in your set this year, and why?

PQ: This year I will be introducing a Turntable into my set and playing back 2 back with DJ Uri. Will also be having a few guest Macs on the set this year… so will be fun to have a Live element to this years set.


K: Tell us about the bass music scene in Mumbai and in India in general. How are the venues, how are the audiences? What is it like being a DJ in the scene?

PQ: Mumbai is possibly along with Delhi, the best cities to play Bass Music. The audiences really soak up what your playing… It’s a very rare emotion to have people dancing to music they don’t know, but love… and you are the person to give them that…. i love that feeling.


K: Is there anything about the scene you would change if you could?

PQ: Yes, I would enforce a law that all venues should have better sound systems installed. 


K: Finally, other than the festival, what are you looking forward to in Goa? Any favourite cafes, restaurants, beaches, people etc. that you will make sure to visit?

PQ: Looking forward to just hanging out on the beach and getting away from the Mumbai traffic.


K: Any other messages for the Indian reggae/dancehall massive?

PQ: Make sure you all reach to Goa Sunsplash 2019…. It’s gonna be bless!!!