Press Release
Festival Overview
  • 2000 people from over 40 countries
  • Artists from over 25 countries
  • Cultural activities like film screenings, lectures, workshops and classes
About Festival
Since the 1970’s, Goa has historically been place where artists have thrived with the support of the international population living there. Thus, the spirit of Goa Sunsplash is rooted in creativity and collaboration. Founded in 2016, it is a festival dedicated to reggae music and the values and ideals it stands for rather than commercial success. with each other. These artists represent diverse backgrounds and are leaders in their own respective communities. We have created an environment where an Indian can write a song produced by a French-man or a Bulgarian can sing on American’s composition or an Irishman and a Russian can come together to make a video. Goa Sunsplash has provided a platform for unparalleled expression and innovation. Past Headliners Include: Mad Professor (UK), Johnny Osbourne (Jamaica), Naaman (France), Zion Train (UK), Cali P(Jamaica), General Levy (UK) Here's some of our best memories: