Pass the Test - Mad Professor
Published on Dec. 19, 2017, 6:32 p.m.
Pass the Test - Mad Professor - Goa Sunsplash | India's Biggest Reggae Festival

One question, multiple choice answer options. Choose wisely!


Q: Why is the Mad Professor so Mad?


a)  Tech Mad

You think your soundboard has a lot of channels and effects? Think again. The Mad Professor has more than you. Its my theory that in his exploration of audio technology, amid thousands of wires and plug-ins, he must have been electrocuted by a bolt from by the goddess of Dub. In the Mad Professor's biographyDavid Katz tells the story of how the Professor got a job at the Soundcraft audio company in south London by fixing a bunch of soundboards that nobody else could fix.  Coincidence? I think not.







b) Time Travel Mad 


In 2017 the Mad Professor posed for a photo in Tulum, Mexico. He then went back in time 32 years, stylized the photograph into his trademark comic style, and made an album cover for "A Caribbean Taste of Technology". Back to the Future, indeed.








c) Ariwa mad

The Mad Professor has run his own dub reggae label, Ariwa Sounds, since 1979. Do you know how hard it is to run a successful label and put out quality music for four decades? That's madness in itself. The releases are all amazing: excellent singers and the mixes are, in Mad Professor's trademark style, very trippy. Check out Ariwa Sounds' website. David Katz says that the name of the label comes from the Yoruba word for "communication". But communication with whom? Supernatural spirits? Aliens? Mad indeed.



d) Historically Mad


Let us travel to Georgetown, Guyana in the British Caribbean. In February 1955, the People's Progressive Party (PPP), effectively the Guyanese independence movement at the time, held a national congress resulting in a major split in the party: the Cheddi Jagan wing and Forbes Burnham wing. This split would eventually lead to the racialization of Guyanese politics, ideological polarization, a CIA coup, and many other mad, mad things that troubled Guyana. In March 1955, the Mad Professor was born in Georgetown, Guyana. Coincidence? I think not...



e) Sonically Mad

He hears things that we don't. Sounds, effects, reverbs, empty spaces. The Mad Professor hears snippets of sound out of nothingness and conjures them onto wax. It's like ghosts. I mean, have you heard this album "No Protection"? Definitely one of the greatest albums of all-time. For the first time I thought of dub music not in terms of reggae, but in connection to the past, present, and future of the universe itself. You could say this album alters your brain, and makes you... mad.




f) Disc Mad

Check out his discogs page. Maybe the sheer number of releases has made the man mad. Is it humanly possible to create so many dub remixes without mind explosion? Of course not.


So, my Sunsplash sistren and brethren, which is the right answer? If you are stumped, you might just have to ask the man himself. At the Goa Sunsplash festival. Let the madness begin!!!!