Pass the Test - Skarra Mucci
Published on Jan. 1, 2018, 6:58 p.m.
Pass the Test - Skarra Mucci - Goa Sunsplash | India's Biggest Reggae Festival

In order to pay homage to this trailblazing dancehall artist, we gonna do a treasure hunt / video quiz. Mr. Mucci has some very well-directed music videos, so let's check them out as we marvel in their creativity. Skarra Mucci is to dancehall what Dennis Rodman is to basketball. Pass the ball and start the test!


Q1: What video game are Mr. Mucci and his companion playing in the "Greater Than Great" music video?


Q2: Which prehistoric animal does the future Skarra Mucci encounter on his time travels in the "My Sound" music video?



Q3: When Professor Mucci takes us to "Raggamuffin School" he wears the Gargamel t-shirt calling for the freedom of which Jamaican reggae singer?


Q4: When Skarra Mucci opens the mysterious cardboard box in "Number One", what does he find?


Q5: In the music video for "Red", what activity might be happening in the backstage area, with trees straight from Jamaica, inna di VIP corner, making all sexy girls want to rock and come over?




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A1: Mario Brothers

A2: Tyrannosaurus Rex

A3: Buju Banton

A4: old photographs

A5: Hi-Grade/Sensimilla/Marijuana/I-tience/Cannabis/Collie/Weed/Ganja etc.